Thank you for visiting my website. (IG) started out as a journey from just wanting to accomplish recording a single in my lifetime, to now operating as an organization invested the development of other Artist.

Through collaborations with various producers, artists, photographers, and other creatives, this short but sweet journey has had a significant growing and learning curve that moved me from working with a producer to release, ‘one track a month’ in 2019, to now producing my own music and releasing close to ‘one track a week’ along with multiple albums a year in 2022!

Along the way, I think I’ve gained some great insights and enjoy working with artists who, more than simply ‘getting famous’ are interested in developing their craft and learning from one another.

I used to wish I could do this full time, but now, despite working a full-time job, I realized that I pretty much ‘do’ do this as a full time hobby. In the past three years I’ve written and produced music in the genre’s of Gospel, Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Soul, and Reggae.

I’m always open to collaborations and know I have much more diversity of music styles still hidden away in me yet! Feel welcome to reach out if you’re interested to learn more.


Blessings always,

Special Thanks to:

And all of the faithful brothers and sisters in Christ who continually remember me in their prayers.